About us

Alpha awareness is a group of enthusiastic developers and IT/security experts who are always searching for new ways to create or enhance awareness on information security. We love to explore, together with you, the best ways to develop the awareness of your employees in a world in which information security is becoming ever more important.

Our services

At Alpha we strongly believe that learning schould be fun. To do this to provide several services to train employees in subject of information security in a fun and engaging way.


Alpha is a serious game in which the players are trained in different aspects of information security awareness. We achieve this by giving the player situations from everyday life and letting the player decide for themselves how to deal with them. The player sis presented with a visual and textual feedback on the impact of their choices. This direct form of feedback enhances the learning effect of the player directly. We use the results of all play sessions to create an elaborate analysis, pinpointing focus areas for your awareness campaign.

Alpha arcade

To create extra attention to the awareness campaign we have created a version of the Alpha game in the form of an “old school” arcade cabinet. We can place the arcade cabinet in your cantina and previous examples show that it will motivate your employees to play together and talk with each other about the game and the presented situations. The emerged discussion greatly contributes to the awareness of your employees. Besides the fact that the arcade cabinet is a showstopper it will present your employees with an original way to test their knowledge on information security awareness.

Alpha online

We offer a growing online platform on which your employees can train specific subjects by playing scenario’s or reading of in-depth study materials. The online platform is used in programs which can run up to a yearlong in which for example every month specific information security subjects are highlighted. Employees can access the online platform anywhere and anytime whenever fits them best.


Besides the tracks based on our game (in whichever version used) we also offer many in-depth lectures and workshops. In these we will explore together the details of the theory of security awareness and enrich the participants with a higher level of understanding the risks of information security. We offer these sessions ranging from introduction-level and activating workshops with a low entry level to “deep-dive” sessions in which we explore tougher subjects like compliance, social engineering and phishing.

Find out more!

Get in contact with us for an extensive overview of our services and possibilities. If you are interested, our specialists are already available to discuss the most fitting services for your organisational needs.

Onze expertise

  • Focus on the best result for your organisation
  • Years of experience in serious games
  • Unburden your organisation on legislation and compliance
  • Effective and fun learning experience on information security awareness
  • Anticipating future awareness needs